2021 Buick Envision interior!

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This is quite a leap when compared to the current generation.
I test drove the current model a while ago (HERE) and really liked it. It is a very nice driving car. Very smooth and solid.
The upcoming second-generation already looks much better. And now we get to see it inside. And it doesn’t disappoint. 
A simple yet very modern design. With a very nicely integrated large screen. 
This really has the potential to be quite a hit for Buick. 
It is really too bad that GM has zero hybrid or plug-in hybrid powertrain they can use for this car.
Instead, it will be that good old 2.0 Liter turbo they use on everything. 
It is a fine engine, but these days, a hybrid option should be expected.

You can head over HERE for official pictures of US version the 2021 Buick Envision

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  1. Bravo, Buick! I am definitely adding this to the list of possible next vehicles. That interior is miles above the current Envision.

  2. This is just really really nice! I never thought I'd actually consider buying a Buick. The interior is very well done.

  3. The Buick’s Chinese buyer has given the Envision a much more upscale look both inside and out then would have been available for the U.S. buyer alone. Cadillac’s XT4 is sucking for air now. This will be a direct competitor to the Lincoln Corsair, German luxury brands too!

  4. I guess anything would be an improvement over the current car, which is probably the dullest, saddest, most invisible car on sale today. But let's not be hyperbolic here. This is still a very forgettable design, but with slightly better proportions. I feel sorry for people that drive Buicks. Most of them are dead inside.

  5. Looks nice, maybe not advanced or modern. I'm curious if people feel okay with purchasing a vehicle made in China, as this will be. Personally, I don't like the government practices there, human rights violations, IP laws, etc. Just my opinion though, nice car, wish is was manufactured elsewhere though.

  6. I agree with Anon. I would never buy a car made by the commies that unleashed a plague and crashed the world's economy. And for the smartass that is inevitably going to say: "but most of what you buy is made in china", i'm doing my research and avoiding any product made there or by a chinese company.

  7. When even the PR photos show glare on the touch screen, you know it's time for GM and all automakers to put the screen under a hood of some kind. If they want every function to go through the screen we've got to be able to see it.

  8. I haven't owned a GM vehicle since the 90's, haven't liked anything they've put out. But this looks very nice, and if GM hadn't screwed over Canadian auto workers so royally I actually consider buying this.

    But it will be a long time before I even consider GM.

  9. the buick are great a n and not mak de by reds you woul dbe proud to be driving a buick insteaad of some foreign crap

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