2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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I now it’s ahard to tell, but the top photo is the new 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
And it looks like Jeep is very afraid to change the design much. Even though the SUV will be all-new.
At least up front. the all enw one will look very similar to the current, 9 year old generation.

I think the current one still looks just fine. It has not aged much.

There has been so many rumors about the new Grand Cherokee that is is hard top know what it is actually based on.
A regular 5 seater and a longer 7 seater versions will be offered. And some kind of a hybrid system will be an option.

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  1. There's no need to change it. In a segment overloaded with unoriginal and derivative look-alikes, the Grand Cherokee's iconic design is still unique.

  2. You sure this isn't an old photo of the current gen or just a test mule? If this is the real thing, they're in for a world of hurt. The market is changing, in a couple of years they will have to compete with much more than just Explorers and Toyotas. If they continue down this route, they'll struggle to compete with EV upstarts like Rivian just as mainstream carmakers are already suffering to compete with Tesla. Jeep is FCA's crown jewel. They can't be resting on their laurels anymore.

  3. If I were FCA, I just leave the current Grand Cherokee and just continue to do refresh on the interior trm. It #1 seller for Jeep!

  4. Maybe this is the Trackhawk on test? I just can't believe this is the all-new generation. I don't think they're arrogant or stupid enough to sell a 9 year old design as an all new car. They're not Porsche.

  5. Owning Two '13 JGC 4×4 4.7s
    (My wife wanted one exactly like mine – only in red
    even made me go out and find a three yr old like mine).
    I am chomping at the bit to see the interior update.
    I think this vehicle gets little credit for being a "Game Changer' and yet it's inches shorter than the other LXs – (Charger, 300, Challenger while having double – nay, no almost triple the interior volume.
    With a 0-60 in less than 7 seconds – 14 Sec. 1/4 mile, unless your a trackhawk that does the quarter in 3!
    So Vince – you post 100s so called suvs, none compare to the JGC in most benchmarks.
    think about it. The best seller last yr. at 11 yrs. old. an 12% improvement for a decade old chestnut.
    (P.S. Edit your pieces they aren't that well, vetted for spelling and punctuation errors considering your "content".

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