2021 Kia Sedona (Carnaval in Korea) first official photos

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Her are the first official pictures of the all-new redesigned Sedona minivan.

And it does look better than I thought it would. Actually not as busy as it could have been. Sure, the chrome on the grille is a bit much, but this might only be for the local market.
Our version might get something a bit cleaner.

So far, I think they did a good job. No specs or interior pictures yet.
More very soon.

Here is the current model. Which, I think is still a very nice design. Although it does look quite soft once you have seen the new one…

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  1. This kia looks more like an SUV than a Minivan. Its hood is very high and long, and the front and rear overhangs are surprisingly short, just like an SUV.

  2. I think this looks great. Very sharp, modern and I'm sure spacious since it's a very boxy but sexy design.

  3. *Carnival

    I think it will look decent in real life pictures. I'd wager other trim levels won't look so garish (at least I hope so)!

  4. Anonymous 11:13 PM, if I am not mistaken that was actually the idea, to make it kind of look like an SUV since that is what is selling these days.

    Now, can someone explain to me what the heck is that on the C pillar? is that a chrome piece with some kind of texture? That is awful.

  5. @Anonymous at 11:40 AM, it's a variation on the newer C pillar treatment that is appearing elsewhere on Kia's lineup: the new Sorento has a similar piece on the C-pillar, as does the ProCeed, upcoming K7, etc.

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