2021 Kia Sedona on the road

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These new photos of the redesigned Sedona minivan make it look quite upscale.
It is actually a pretty nice looking Minivan. Much nicer than the new Toyota Sienna, with its huge mouth.
This isn’t weird or “too much” in any way. it is not trying too hard to be something. (The C-pillar might look strange to some at first, but it seems fine in these live photos. I also like the way it connects to the rear chrome line)
It’ll be interesting to see official pictures of the interior.
The current rumor is that it is keeping the V6. Which would probably be the one used in the Telluride.

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  1. it's a nice design, looks upscale vs the current model. the only thing i don't like about the Hyundai/KIA design language is the separation of the tail/brake lights (the horizontal bar and the turn signals and reverse lights in the bumper…

    I always felt the turn signals should be amber and within line of sight of the following drivers…

    and, BTW, why do all the German cars have US-specific red tail lights where the whole thing blinks? seems like a retrograde step

  2. That C pillar is horrible and why would you not hid the rail for the sliding door under the rear glass like the Sienna and Pacifica?

  3. According to the Korean media, the new Sedona is larger than the Odyssey and the new Sienna in terms of width and wheelbase. But it's odd that it looks very small for a Minivan in these pictures.

  4. It appears to have a very high ground clearance in these photos. Why would you want such a high floor for a Minivan?

  5. I agreee with the Captain, if they went to all that trouble to incorporate the aluminum basket handle C-pillar that wraps around to the rear, why not move up and tuck the slider channel below that chrome piece instead?

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