2021 Nissan Ariya Interior

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 These new B&W patent photos show us how close the production version of the Aryia EV will be to the concept.
They actually look exactly the same!
The Ariya was a great looking concept. But as a production car, this will look really amazing.
I mean, it looks like the concept was basically the production model.

I mentioned this before, but I really hope Nissan prices it right. The Leaf is just too expensive. At least the one with the larger battery pack. Even though it is larger and much more upscale and modern, it cannot be priced much higher.

I can’t wait to see the real thing.

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  1. I believe these might actually be just concept patents. But the last exterior leak was supposedly the production model as well, and it looked very close. Pleasantly surprised by both.

    Nissan has been making a nice turn-around recently. Not really the most exciting vehicles, but some competent designs and up-to-date products are a welcome departure from stale rental crap most of last decade.

  2. I currently drive a 2018 Murano and this is likely my next car, this or the new Venza. I hear the interior space of this will be comparable to the Murano with outside dimensions much smaller of course. This will suite our needs just fine, as main reason I bought the Murano is for rear seat space for child seats.

    Looking great so far and I hope it's priced similar to the Murano.

  3. @Anonymous at 10:56, good point but definitely not the concept patents – notice the button differences on the steering wheel compared to the concept, also the glove compartment and storage in the center of the dash that aren't present on the concept.

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