Toyota’s upcoming Electric cars.

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These new patent designs show us what at least 2 of Toyota’s upcoming EVs will look like.
Yes, they are very close to what we have already seen last year (HERE)
And they still have these cameras instead of rearview mirrors, so they could still be concept designs.
(Although that technology is already in use in Europe and Japan.)

I think these look really nice. especially the smaller one. It’s cute and futuristic at the same time. And a much more mature design than the Hyundai Kona. I guess this would compete with that new Bolt SUV. Or the upcoming (and gorgeous0 Nissan Ariya.

The larger one looks like an electric equivalent to the Highlander. At least in size.
It actually reminds me a bit of the Rivian SUV. (I guess mostly because it is so angular.)

Toyota is approaching the EV market the same way VW is. By providing a whole range of electric models. Like a full parallel line. With their own design language. That second model line up will eventually become the main one. And eventually, absorb everything…

It will be like The BLOB!!!!!

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  1. These drawings are for EU and Japan’s markets that have electronic rear cameras instead of side mirrors that U.S. still requires.

  2. Those are pretty great designs, which is something i haven't said about a new Toyota in a very long time (if ever). But they look a little concept car-ish to me. Let's hope they're able to build them with few changes. And soon, because they've already lost precious time against the competition. Toyota could have been a leader the EV market, but they were too slow to react to Tesla and were too stubborn in their insistence on hybrids and hydrogen vehicles, which cost them dearly.

  3. You’re right, especially the smaller one looks good. Except for the cameras, this seems production ready to me. I would buy this over an ID.3 anytime.

  4. I think these look great, and agree with you Vince the smaller one looks the best. And with Toyota's reputation for reliability they will be better than those horrendous Tesla's.

    Toyota sucks at doing interiors, never a clean design, always full unnecessary angles and forms. Hopefully they come up with a new more modern and minimalist design for their EV fleet.

    I can't wait for the Ariya to come out, loving all that I'm seeing so far. 90% sure it will be my next car.

  5. Much more attractive than the current fleet of Toyota SUVs overall, but those squared off wheel arches are instantly dating to the design.

  6. Remember, this is one big collaboration from multiple manufactures. The medium sized SUVs will be from both Toyota and Subaru, while the much smaller models are developed by Suzuki and Daihatsu. Meaning that the formers will come to the US while the smaller models won't. Again, it's a shame that Toyota no longer has the Scion name as those smaller models from Suzuki and Daihatsu could have a chance of selling here. Like the Suzuki Jimny, Toyota missed another chance.

  7. If they price it right and deliver 85% of the concept, by which I mean <40k,it will absolutely be my next car

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