2021 Chevrolet Bolt “SUV”: a few more pictures of the Chinese Buick version

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This is basically the exact same car we will be getting in the US, as a Chevrolet. Positioned right above the regular Bolt.
I really think GM needs to lower the price of the “regular” Bolt when this comes out.
Since the slightly smaller Bolt already starts at above $37 000.
This new model will have some serious competition by the time it comes out, early next year.
Competition from the all-new VW I.D4, as well as the gorgeous Nissan Ariya.
Both of these models are expected to start at under $40 000 before incentives.
Although this new GM EV looks fine and more upscale than the Bolt, it seems smaller than the VW and Nissan new EVs. 
How much extra would you be willing to pay for this over the regular Bolt?

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  1. Just like the Bolt.. this does not look like a desirable car and is not visually appealing at all. Looks porky and chubby and just.. disproportional. No thanks. If I had to get a electric CUV in the segment, the Kona EV would be my choice.

  2. I don't think this is going to do much for sales. Just like the Bolt, this comes off as a cheap subcompact. Considering that the Mustang Mach E starts at $43k and the Audi Q4 e-tron is starting at $44k, not to mention the Tesla Model 3 in that price range, Chevy has no business pricing a loaded Bolt at $43k. That's why you can get them for $10k off right now.

  3. I'm sorry, but GM can't style a vehicle to save their life. This thing has a terrible green house design, just look at how rear passenegers can't see out.

  4. What is really interesting with modern Buicks is that we get to see the same design language (originally developed by Opel) to be independently evolved by two different brands. For example we can compare this small SUV with the similarly sized new Mokka.

  5. That is exactly what I thought when first seeing these pics, especially from that rear 3/4 view. Chevy built a Leaf!! 😂

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