2021 Ford Bronco: more teasers

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In just 10 days, the all-new Ford Bronco range will finally be unveiled.
As expected, the new Bronco will be available in both 2 and 4 doors.
Competing directly with the Jeep Wrangler.
While tons of fans are eagerly waiting for this. Even though, just like the Wrangler, this might be more of a pure Off road model that just isn’t great for everyday use.
And quite expensive too. 
No matter what, I am sure that lost of people will be showing off with their new Bronco. And you can expect major dealer markups. 
It looks like they will present the new Bronco Sport model at the same time. Strange since this one is not related to the Bronco at all. It is actually a Ford Escape with a “Bronco-looking design”.
I had high hopes for this one. Since the Bronco-inspired design does look great. But spy shots revealed earlier a super cheap and plasticky looking interior. Not retro looking at all. Just a redesigned dash top.
Maybe it’ll look a bit better in the flesh… If it does, it would actually be an Escape killer.

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  1. The Sport is going to be a big seller. Yeah, it's based on the Escape, but I think this interior will fit better with the rugged look of the Sport better than it does in the Escape. I am interested to see how Ford plans to position it. Will it have essentially the same option packages as the Escape, or will they keep it more towards the off road theme and maybe give up some of the luxury trimmings? Will it really just be an on road vehicle, or will it have some real off road capability like the Jeep Renegade?

  2. If this turns out to be just as unreliable as other recent Fords the future owners of this thing are in for quite a bumpy ride. It will be impossible to do any offroading if the car doesn't leave the dealership…

  3. Without a doubt I believe the Sport will be the best selling model of the three. It will have AWD as standard and mimics the look of the 1st and 2nd generation Escape that many people loved. Those people who were turned off the by the look of the third and current generation Escape will love the look of the Sport. It will sell in droves. I’m willing to bet it will even outsell the new Escape.

  4. Been hyped for a straight 2+ year by Ford Marketing! I like most, do not care anymore about the Bronco!

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