2021 Nissan Rogue: How about a nice, casual video walkaround.

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This is an early preview/walkaround of the all-new Nissan Rogue.

Very interesting to see it in real life. (kind of)

The interior seems very nice. Although I am not a fan at all of the “Bentley wannabe” pattern on the leather seats. But I think it is specific to the high-end model only.

The screen looks much nicer than on the official shots. And so does the wood trim on the dash.

The version previewed here is loaded and probably costs over $36 000. It would be nice to see a more mainstream model. The one most people will actually buy.

But so far, this looks very nice. But again, it is really too bad no hybrid or plug-in hybrid seems to be planned at all. A hybrid Rogue would be a great compliment to the EV only upcoming Ariya.

(Thanks to a reader for sending me this link)

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  1. this is very impressive and looks very refined in person and here on this video. also a n one of importance, re: suspension.front suspension has 6 mounting points vs 2-4 on competitors. very solid.
    the whole vehicle is well built

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