2021 Nissan Z: some illustrations

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These are kind of interesting. Obviously inspired by the teasers Nissan showed us a few weeks ago. (HERE
But they also look quite weird.
Especially that 90’s inspired rear end from the 300ZX. Which doesn’t match the rest of the car at all.
What do you think?
Should the new Z look like this?

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  1. Yes! Save the tu-tone paint though. This makes for a fine retro Z homage. I don't love the upper chrome strip, but I think Nissan is stuck on that look for a while. I would MUCH rather own this than the BMW/Toyota Frankenstein Supra.

  2. Gorgeous. Hopefully the real thing will look like this. Makes the new Supra look like it was designed by a 5 year old.

  3. That is a little to plian. I prefer smooth bodies over excessive creases and accent lines but it looks more like concept for the late 90s early 00s 350Z.

  4. The new Z has to compete with the Mustang, Camaro and has not done well previously mainly because it rides rougher, has no sound proofing, interior is all plastic and is very low to the ground and smaller inside. Z has an inferior engine too!

  5. Or you could just wait for the actual car to come out and review that.

    Reviewing these "conceptual drawings" that have zero connection with reality is a colossal waste of time.

  6. doesn't scream out 'gotta have'. 2-door sports coupes don't sell much now-a-days. this is too plain to sell well.

  7. It looks okay. Maybe if they would offer it in the original (70's) orange color of the first Z model that would help sell a few more. You hardly see any Z's on the road anymore.

  8. Have u seen the quality of American made machince most people on this globewould go for the z it's just better known . Like the Miata being the best selling car in the planet there literature to back that

  9. I feel that rear looks grate it goes good with front.a good mix of the 240 z and the z32. We had a 1990 300zx loved to drive with t tops removed.

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