2021 Toyota Corolla Cross: Mini Rav-4!

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I think this looks pretty nice. A good move from Toyota to design this as a mini Rav-4.
Which is one of the most popular cars around these days.
So why not.
The interior looks lie a cross between the Corolla and the Rav-4. In a way, this could actually, maybe, steal a few sales from the “real Rav-4”. 
At least in Thailand (where it is being introduced), it will be available with a choice of a 1.8 Liter engine with 140HO, and a hybrid version with 170HP.
It is about 5 inches longer than a Honda HR-V. 
Not 100% sure this will end up in the US yet. But it would really be a stupid move not to offer this in the US. A great move would be to make it a “Hybrid-only” model fo our market. Just like the new Sienna and Venza.
I think a hybrid-only version priced competitively against its “gas only” competition would clean up.
What do you think?

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  1. The interior is 100% Corolla, besides the lower center console to make it longer. Also that exterior is hideous compared to the Corolla and the RAV4. This is a miss, in my book.

  2. Toyota trying out the Tesla formula of Model 3 -> Model Y using the Corolla platform. The Corolla Crossover does look nice!

  3. Looks good. A bit bigger alternative to the CHR which is on the same TNGA platform. On to a winner here.

  4. This would play in the Subaru CrossTrek, Mazda CX30, Kia Seltos category. All of them offer something unique (Mazda has style and luxury, Subaru has ruggedness exceptional resale value and the Kia is loaded with tech and space) this is the vanilla wafer to all of them.

    Yes it will have Toyota reliability, but so does Subaru and last I checked the others are scoring higher than Toyota lately. Overall this is pretty much like every other toyota. Bland, boring and lacking any sense of passion or driving fun, sadly it will sell like crazy and will clog up the left lane of every road, like the typical Corolla drivers who insist upon driving 15 clicks below the speed limit and totally unaware of other drivers on the road.

  5. It will be 1 inch shorter than the forthcoming HRV, and probably it will have less power. I'm planning to compare these two SUVs

  6. Looks great, just aggressive enough and compact . Not sure about the base engine with 140HP, maybe if sold in north america it will have the 2.0-liter engine (169 hp, 151 lb-ft) from the Corolla. That seems to be an excellent engine in the Corolla and powerful enough relative to the vehicle's weight.The interior looks good to my eyes for what it is. I think Toyota would do well with this in north america.

  7. Toyota should have no problem selling these. I wouldn't buy a Corolla because I think a car with a trunk is useless, but I would consider this.

  8. This is a whole lot of BORING!!!! Jesus, they could have at least tried to make something cool. But no, i guess Toyota customers don't really deserve anything fresh or exciting. More slop for the pigs, i guess…

  9. Ugly grill similar to the RAV 4. It will sell well because of Toyota quality no matter what it looks like.

  10. They will sell well regardless. Maybe a bit of negative comments from people here are because their own favored brands are not doing well.

  11. I feel like this will replace the C-HR much like the Mazda CX-30 will likely replace the CX-3. Both are better designs overall.

  12. "Maybe a bit of negative comments from people here are because their own favored brands are not doing well"

    No, this is just people having a different opinion than you, slowbro.

  13. I think the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid will fill an empty USA subcompact SUV hybrid niche that the Hyundai Kona Hybrid should have taken advantage of.

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