2021 VW Tiguan X: “coupe version of the Tiguan

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It’s “all SUVs all the time” these days at VW.

The recently revised Tiguan is now getting one of these “coupe” version. Just like what Audi is doing too.
As you can see in these pictures, this is, so far, a Chinese market model only. Where it will be sold as the “Tiguan X”.
Still,  I cannot imagine VW resisting the temptation to bring this over to Europe.

While the Tiguan is VW’s most popular model in the US, there is no word of this being sold over here.
of course.
Since it would make total sense to cash in on the Tiguan name in the US by adding another version, they probably won’t do it…

Although, they did bring the shorter Atlas Cross Sport over here. So a Tiguan Cross Sport here could still be a possibility.

What do you think? Should they bring this over?

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  1. CarsCarsCars, that pregnant jetta line is pretty hillarious, made me literally LOL.

    The regular Tiguan looks like a box with wheels, typical of most VW designs, but this thing is beyond ugly. It looks like a Tiguan inspiring to be a Tesla Model X, but went to a discount plastic surgeon and got botched.

    Who ever approved this design should have to reimburse their salary.

  2. Vince if this is made in China for mainly China, why would they even bother taking it to the US? With the current US-China climate it may become impossible

  3. that red reflective strip above the fake exhausts is horrible. but then again so is the whole back: lights, the strip between them, and the fake exhausts. I'm well over VW, after being over BMW. I don't have a car now, because living in Barcelona I don't need it (sadly), but if I did I'd get a Mini (convertible), at least it hasn't disappointed me (YET). or a BMW2 series convertible (used), one of the last "good" BMWs…..

  4. Those taillights are a joke. Ever since the Aventador came out, that little LED pattern has been ripped to no end. The Veloster uses it almost the same way. And this looks even worse.

  5. whenever I see these vehicles I can't help but think "AMC was SO FAR AHEAD of the game with their Eagle line of tall 4×4 cars… sedans, wagons and hatchbacks"

    If they bring it to the US, they can charge a premium price for it and maybe make a better margin if the mechanicals and crash structure are the same as the regular car.. just like the X3/X4 and X5/X6 and the MB and Porsche offerings…

    just a matter of time until Jeep will unveil a Grand Cherokee Coupe…

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