2021/22 Honda HR-V illustration: Let’s hope not!

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Since an all-new Fit came out a few months ago, we know the Fit-based HR-V is next to be redesigned.
But let’s hope it doesn’t look like the illustrations above. Which resembles more a cheap Chinese SUV than a Honda.
There has not been any HR-V prototype caught testing yet, so what it will look like is anyone’s guess at this point.
While Honda is still not sure if the new Fit will make it to the US or not. The next HR-V will. 
I think it would be a great idea if the next one was only sold as a Hybrid. Just like the new Fit is in Europe. 

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  1. That chop is just an Insight with a new roof. It actually resembles an Avancier (Chinese Honda product) in some ways.

  2. i kinda like the current HRV as is, styling wise. Got a burnt orange colored one up across the street from me and it looks great for a compact little four door suv. The only thing that irks me if i was in the market to buy one is that it should come with an optional , stronger , non turbo 4 cylinder closer to 160-175 HP. Or even that should be the base engine.I realize Honda has the bigger and more powerful CRV, but it is not the HRV. Honda can be painfully slow to bump up power with it's engines. Only be on sale in north america since 2016, i believe they honda has been selling the hrv in asia/europe/africa with diesel, gas, turbo engines since 1999. In Canada, we get the same old 1.8L gas , 141 hp engine. Be great if honda dropped in the civic Si turbo engine or even a non turbo engine . As is, the hrv awd here goes for $28,500 to $35,000 before taxes, freight, blah blah…..kinda pricey for an awd Honda Fit.

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