Fisker’s future: all 4 models ?

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I really like the new Fisker Ocean SUV. (From what we’ve seen so far). Especially its $37 000 base price.
But Fisker is now in the works to use the VW I.D platform for the Ocean.
Which will surely need some redesign of the car to fit that platform (unless it was the idea all along)
I guess they could maybe still make their claimed “late 2022” production date, but I doubt it.
Now they are showing us all the cool new cars they will bring to the market. When the first one is still 2 years away.
The cool sporty one on the right is the e-Motion EV. Which looks great. that one was delayed in order to fast track the Ocean SUV.
So, even though it was introduced about 2 1/2 years ago, who knows…
The one on the left looks like some raised up hatchback sedan. Or a “coupe SUV” as they call these now.
In the back, under cover, we have the pic-up version of the Ocean, the Alaska. (HERE)
Something we have seen before as well. 
It’s hard to get excited about any Fisker product (No matter how much I would like to)
With all these promises, delays, change of course, etc… Who knows if any of these will ever be produced, really…

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  1. The Ocean prototype was built by Italdesign on the MEB platform, so I don't see why there would be any design changes necessary, other than the usual concept to series production differences.

  2. People still give a crap about snake oil salesman Fisker ? Guess some people are really gullible. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

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