Subaru Levorg: a new one on the way

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Subaru will soon release an all new generation of their sporty Levorg Wagon.
Which is basically the production version of the “fake/pre-production model” concept we saw a few months ago.
(The blue on is the current model)

It is a more compact wagon, about 7 inches shorter than the Outback. The Levorg is sold in many countries, but not the US.
I guess Subaru is selling so many Outbacks they just don’t want to take a chance .
Although it seems that maybe an offroad style Levorg (LIke the Crosstrek) would fit nicely between the Crosstrek and the Outback.

What do you think? Should Subaru bring ther Levorg over here?

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  1. If they would serve it here with the Crosstrek treatment, as a Grand Crosstrek, it would bring them a huge amount of profit…

  2. They should bring a variant but as a WRX/WRX STi wagon only. I know plenty of people who have moved away from the WRX because it no longer offers a 5 door version.

  3. If they brought this to the US as an Impreza wagon (in place of the Impreza hatchback), the Crosstrek would look more like a unique bodystyle worthy of the extra cost. And a WRX/STi wagon might create a hot new segment all to itself.

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