2021 BMW 2 series Coupe: another fine mess…

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Wow. This already looks like quite a mess. I mean, just look a tall these lines, scoops and vents everywhere.

Unless this is some optional or aftermarket kit. This looks really overly aggressive. The current 2 series coupe has a great, classic, and attractive BMW design. But this just looks like some crazy idea from a 12-year-old.

Let’s hop[e they won’t all look like that. maybe the base model will end up looking quite decent. Although these headlights look like they were sculpted with a medieval ax…

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  1. Probably Audi and/or Mercedes are paying the BMW design team double their normal salary to make the cars ugly on purpose;

  2. Again, no surprises here. Their most talented designers have jumped ship long ago. Sometimes i think Chris Bangle trolled everyone when he appointed Adrian van Hooydonk (responsible for the ghastly E65 7-series) to replace him. He definitely had the last laugh…

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