Toyota C-HR: small revisions for 2021?

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From the top picture, it looks like the small Toyota CH-R could be getting a few small changes soon.

The front end looks quite a bit more aggressive than the current version (bottom). Headlights have been redesigned as well. And obviously, the black plastic cladding around the wheel is now quite huge. 

(Did the Mazda CX-30 actually start a trend???)

The interior looks pretty much the same. Although the version pictured here (top pic) now has a sunroof. (not currently available) and a high-end sound system (Speakers in the A-Pillar) These two items would be new options for the C-HR, at least in the US. The shifter is different and the volume knob seems to have disappeared. (NOT an improvement)

The C-HR has not been a huge hit for Toyota in the US. ( under 49 000 were sold in 2019) Even though 3 models are available, the top of the line really offer much more than the less expensive models (Like a better stereo or a sunroof)

Plus, it isn’t a roomy car. Which is why most people would get a crossover in the first place. I am afraid the upcoming super boring Corolla Cross will be much popular.

The C_HR should have been a hybrid-only model in the first place. The Hybrid version available overseas never made it to the US…

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  1. Pathetic vehicle. No AWD, over priced, poor quality, and cramped interior.

    Time to move on and Toyota discontinue this vehicle as they are planning when the Corolla Crossover is introduced.

  2. Why would you be afraid? I know it's a figure of speech, but unless you own stock in the company or a dealership, you have no skin in the game.

  3. Not many were sold in 2019 because the car wasn't advertised. I finally saw a CHR in a Toyota commercial for the first time, 2 weeks ago. Even when I bought the car, I had gone in to buy a Camry, but I noticed the CHR in the showroom, & asked about it. The salesman wasn't too happy that I was asking g about it, but I loved the way it looked, & bought it instead. I get compliments all the time. I just wish it had AWD. Hasn't been a need for it yet, but it would be good to have it as an option.

  4. I have a 2020 absolutely love it only cons are the radio and I would have loved a sunroof. I agree I never saw it advertise I only new about the car because I saw one on the road

  5. I love my chr. I'm 6ft2 and there is plenty of room in the front. The only item I miss is a power hatch. My white chr looks like a storm trooper!

  6. Wow.. the one thing the C-HR didn't need is wheelwell cladding. Looks even worse than when they did it to the last Prius C.

  7. I bought my Ruby Flare Pearl CH-R new in 2018 and I LOVE it! My son saw one on the road and told me about it. I just went to a Toyota Dealership, saw the CH-R and fell in love. After the test drive I wanted it. Love the cruise control features, ride is smooth, handles well, love the design (my brothers says it looks like a transformer) and so many safety features. I will always have a CH-R!

  8. It looks awful, it is super cramped compared to the competition, and it is one of the slowest new vehicles on sale in the US.

    No wonder why it isn't a hit.

  9. Isn't it the same bumper as the first generation CH-R? the only thing different is the added flares to the fenders and to the front lip.

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