1995 Mazda Mystere Convertible: what could have been.

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While I do remember the Mazda 626, and its coupe version, the MX-6. I had never heard of the Mystere until I saw these photos. (Myster was the name of the MX-6 in Canada)
The MX-6  (and its cousin, the Ford Probe) was a very nice looking coupe. And, as you can see on these pictures, it would have made a great convertible.
I guess this would have competed with the super popular Chrysler LeBaron Convertible. As well as convertible versions of the Toyota Celiaca and Nissan 240ZX.
The Mystere was not a concept. But a real project intended for production. As a factory-built convertible version of the MX-6.
Not sure why the project didn’t go through…
There are so many cars like these. Things that were designed and built, but never saw the light of day…

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  1. The 2nd generation Mazda MX6 was a very attractive automobile. I used to love those cars, and platform mate Ford Probe GT also. It doesn't surprise me at all that it made a very nice looking convertible.

  2. If this is from 1995, it would've mostly competed with the Chrysler Sebring convertible. The LeBaron convertible ended after 1995.

  3. I actually think that looks better as a convertible than it did as a coupe. And I love that front end – how did we ever get from this to the huge grills that are all the rage now?

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