2021 BMW 4 series convertible: green!

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This is one good looking convertible.
I know I know. That grille…
I have to admit, I have gotten used to it. Especially the chrome one. (for some reason) And I think it might be the kind of thing that actually looks much better in real life.
The design of the new 4 series lends itself perfectly to a convertible version. This is a very clean looking car. One that will probably look great for many years to come. Like older German designs used to.
The interior looks, of course, exactly like the coupe. Which is fine.
I am not sure if Audi intends to redesign the A5 convertible in a few years or not. But Mercedes will not offer a convertible (or a coupe) version of their next C-Class sedan.
So this all-new BMW Convertible will be one of a rare breed.
The soft top looks great. With a large rear window. It is available in black or a new “silver” finish.

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  1. My mind is changed! This looks great. The green color is one of the best greens I’ve seen in a while 💚

  2. No. BMW coupes and convertibles used to be both sporty and elegant.

    This is fussy where it should be clean, and dumpy where it should be sleek.


  3. Tis would be a great looking car EXCEPT… Who thought it was a good idea to bring back the Edsel's grill? Ugh!

  4. aside from the hideous grille, no, it's not growing on me, the lack of a manual transmission on a "sporty" car is a non-starter.

  5. I love the grill, and like you said Vince, it grows on people. This 4 just exudes a higher level vehicle than the previous generation. I also like that you can operate the top with the key remote. My old Saab used to do that.

  6. I disagree with that "good looking" comment, this looks like a cheep Chinese knockoff. BMW, despite the reliability issues, used to stand for elegance and timeless designs…………no longer the case on either front.

  7. Heads at BMW should be rolling for allowing that grill design. Also the rest of the car is looking quite generic, even the Hofmeister Kink in the coupe has gotten less dramatic. You can cover the badge and from the side one would be hard pressed to name the brand.

  8. Please! No excuse for BMW to make such an ugly front grill for the car! This is hideous! And yes, you wouldn't sway any new customer to buy this and in fact you might even lose some loyal BMW customers!

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