2021 Genesis G70 sedan Vs the current one.

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I know many will not like these updates, but I really think Genesis did a great job with the 2021 G70 sedan.

Sure, it has that huge Superman Shield grille that is ‘not for everyone’. But I really like this softer, rounder version of it. And I think it works better than the ones in other Genesis models. Let’s hope this is what the GV70 SUV is getting. Instead of the more angular one like the design used on the new GV80.

They also got rid of that ridiculous trim/vent behind the front wheels (Who thought of that in the first place???)

The rear end also looks more upscale and expensive. This does look like a true sport/luxury sedan from a luxury brand now. 

Inside, the only difference I can see is the larger screen. (Still not really well integrated into the dashboard design…)

No official news about engines yet. But the 2.5 Liter Turbo could become the base engine.

I can’t wait to see what the upcoming hatch/wagon version looks like…


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  1. Not bad. Those wheels are terrible. The Superman Grille needs to be 20% smaller. They need to get rid of the clear plastic rectangle in the middle of the grill for the sensor and find another place. Just get rid of that side vent. And for the interior integrate the middle screen batter.

  2. The vent is still there, only lower and much smaller in size. I like it overall better, and it integrates better with the newest additions and refreshed G90. I am not seeing any foglights there, which probably aren't needed anyway. The interior additions, especially the larger screen is very welcome. Can't wait to see the improvements the 2.5 Turbo will make. Will increase the value proposition tremendously.

  3. I just recently bought a "like new" 2019 Genesis G70 2.0T sport — it's amazing even with the "smaller" engine. The more I drive this car, the more I love it! And the warranty and included service (including concierge) are not available anywhere at this price point.

    The deals on these things are simply amazing, I saw this story and decided to take a look at the car:


    the G70 handling is fantastic, better than my old BMW E90 335i, sporty but NOT harsh. You cannot beat the technology in this thing. Fit and finish are superb, the only downside is the tablet screen though they seem to have fixed it in the new version.. I do like the wider screen. Perhaps they upgraded the graphics as well to make them more "special". One nice-to-have feature would be wireless Apple Car Play, not sure if they included this in the 2022 model.

    Styling-wise, the new G70 wears the familiar Genesis themes but they run the risk of becoming like Audi/BMW/MB who make the same look car in different sizes. These cars look A LOT better in real life than in the pictures, including the old car's odd fender vent

  4. Are these official photos? Hadn't seen them announced anywhere else yet.. and I think it looks great!

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