2021 Jaguar F-Pace: small & big changes.

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Jaguar’s first SUV is getting some changes after about 5 years. Which is actually quite a while for a “mid-cycle refresh”.

The changes up front are minimal. The rear end does look newer. And nicer. 

But inside, things seem to be all new. And 1000% better than before. Recent Jaguar interiors have been so sad and disappointing. Like the XE, and especially the XF sedan. The F-Pace was actually a bit of a step up from the other two.

But this is a giant improvement. (It also would look even better with wood trim.) This is a truly modern and upscale interior now. With a much larger screen well integrated into the design.

Engines re familiar, with a 2.0 Liter with 246HP. And 2 versions of the 3.0 Liter V6 turbo with 335HP or 395HP. AWD is standard and comes with 8-speed auto.

So nothing really new here…

It is great to see Jaguar becoming, again, a very nice alternative to the usual German offerings. 

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  1. The F Pace had the same interior before the facelift as the pre-facelifted XE…not sure what you mean by it being a step up from the XE and XF before the facelift…

  2. Great to see Jaguar becoming what again Vince? I feel like we are missing something there. That interior is looking much better, and the exterior changes, though minimal, look better as well.

  3. much nicer interior for the new car, the wide vents break up that huge mass of passenger airbag cover. Jag have also moved away from the rotary shifter, this is a big change for them, surprised it was not mentioned.
    the exterior changes are minimal, only a Jag fan would tell the difference between old and new…

    one pet peeve on most modern SUVs: the rear wiper is absolutely tiny! I think Swedish cars in the 80s had bigger headlight wipers! Why can't anyone design an SUV with a 'regular' sized rear wiper?

    second pet peeve: modern hatch design that makes up part of the 'bumper' – a low-speed parking bump can become quite expensive to fix. Tesla Model Y has this issue too. Could have been easily fixed by making that lower part of the hatch concave

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