2022 Kia K7: No more Cadenza

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And let’s not forget: with all these new Hyundai/Kia/Genesis models coming up, they are still working on this new K7 sedan!

Which will replace the old Cadenza. Not sure if we will be getting this in the US or not. Since the current generation has been such a poor seller over here for years. (only about 1500 sold in the US last year!)

But who knows, a much more modern car might be more successful. And it seems they are willing to try things over and over again. Since we are getting their new Minivan.

I think this is also a threat to the Stinger. But who knows…

What do you think, shoul they bring this over here?

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  1. The Cadenza is a nice car and drives well. It's too bad it doesn't sell well here. They do tend to lose their value fairly quickly so a low mileage preowned model makes a nice choice.

  2. I am all for Kia bringing as many cars as they can to the US. This one would give the Avalon some real competition, and in renders at least, looks a great deal like the Avalon imo.

  3. this may be relatively inexpensive to certify for use in the US, especially if it shares engines/transmissions with the K5… could compete with the Toyota Avalon.. they would be the only full size cars remaining for sale. non-luxury, of course.

  4. Umm I bought this car (2018) technology package. If you go msrp ur looking at 40,000. So it's know where near a cheap car

  5. I think it is coming to US. Why would they change the Optima name to K5 here in US? I can see that happening. So then K900 will be K9. So Stinger will be K8?

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