2022 Genesis GV70: a few more illustrations…

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Even though these are NOT the real thing, I think they might be pretty close. 
I just hope the weird crease on top of the rear fender isn’t that pronounced. (As it looks really awkward on thes illustrations)
It will all depend on how Genesis prices this. As a new Brand, I do think it should be priced aggressively. Which means right bellow the popular Acura RDX.

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  1. I don't think the crease looks awkward at all, I think the designers did a good job giving it an aggressive look with that detail. I think based on these illustrations this will blow the RDX out of the water in terms class presence and perception of luxury.

  2. That C-pillar treatment and rear 1/4 glass looks decidedly Porsche 928 esque to me. If Porsche had raised the 928 and given it 2 more doors, voila. With the exception of the front end design, which was very unique to the 928.

  3. The grill reminds me of a Cadillac, the headlights a Volvo, and the body an Audi. But, with that said, I really like it. If priced right, and some money spent on advertising, this could do very well for them.

  4. This looks great! The taller greenhouse took some time to grow on me, but this is the closest thing to a Stinger wagon we will ever get.

  5. Where some may see a resemblance to the Porsche 928 in the rear, pretty obviously the real design influence was the AMC Pacer. Excellent!

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