2022 Infiniti QX60: first look inside!

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The ‘concept’ we saw just a few days ago did not display an interior.

But here is the interior of the actual production model. Which seems really nice and a huge improvement over the aging current version.

Again, this is mostly a luxury version of the Pathfinder. (The new Nissan version is also right around the corner). It has a bit of a Lincoln feel to it. I guess because of the vents. And just like in Lincoln SUV,s the screen is just stuck there, with no effort to integrate it to the general interior design at all. Which is too bad. 

I guess the main competition for this will be the equally new Acura MDX.

Fight, fight, fight!!

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  1. Vince, How do you know for certain this is the new QX60? This looks nearly identical to the spy shots we've seen of the new Pathfinder interior. I've heard the Pathfinder is much closer to production than the QX is. This interior looks like its ready for a showroom floor. Could this photo actually be the Pathfinder instead?? Regardless of that, it's a beautiful looking interior from what I can see.

  2. WOW,

    At first glance they do look very similar, but when viewed side by side you can clearly see the differences. This is no doubt the QX and not the Pathfinder. I've also heard there's a brief video clip floating around that goes with this spy shot, think you could find that clip and post it here Vince?

  3. I would not be surprised if Infiniti retained the 15 year old ancient looking 8-bit dual stack graphics setup.

  4. This looks great, I'm not getting a Lincoln vibe as some have mentioned since Lincoln uses a squarish screen and this has a much more linear design. To me it looks closer to the Genesis design for their SUV's and those look simple but fantastic just like this.

    Love the look, hope this design makes it to other Infiniti models.

  5. rented a Range Rover and this reminds me of that interior very much. upscale, classy, elegant. I'm interested

  6. Wow, between this, the Genesis GV80, and Acura's latest interior design, the competition is going to be crazy. I personally like the Genesis design better though.

  7. I dont get Lincoln vibes at all from this but rather Genesis.

    I think this looks awesome though! It looks like it has the same steering wheel as the Nissans though. It works fine for the Nissans I guess, but would be nice to see something different on the Infiniti. Oh well – Overall this seems nice!

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