2022 Genesis EV: new spy shot…

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Unfortunatelly, this doesn’t show much more than what we have seen before (HERE

A rather small, upscale hatchback. Probably based on the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5. This will be the perfect car for Genesis to enter the European market. Since their other models are pretty big. (the upcoming G70 hatch could also become quite popular there too)

Let’s just hope it will be sold in the US as well. 

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  1. I actually think this is the Ioniq 5 (or 45/55?).. the styling seems to gel more with the current Ioniq and Veloster (which I think will also be replaced by an upcoming Ioniq variant) than anything in the Genesis lineup, and it seems to be lacking the double-slash taillights and side marker/vent lighting that all new Genesis models have.

  2. This is definitely the Genesis version of the E-GMP model lineup. The Ioniq 5 is more pronounced SUV while the Genesis version is more coupe like (Think BMW X6ish).

    Hyundai (and Genesis by default) already announced that their lineup is going to deviate and not have family lineage moving forward, I would think they especially want to differentiate a pure EV model for their Genesis brand since *most* EV buyers want their EV to be distinctly recognized as an EV.

    I think this is going to look great. I also think the Ioniq 5 is going to look great. I'm bummed that they are taking so long because I would have easily taken their E-GMP offering over anything else but just put an order in for a Tesla. You snooze you lose Hyundai…..

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