2022 ID5/6: production version of the ID Roomzz Concept?

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VW’s upcoming larger Electric SUV (Probably called the I.D 5 or I.D6) looks a bit like a production version of the ID Roomzz we saw last year.
This would, of course, be larger and more expensive than the recently introduced ID4 . Which competes with the Rav-4 and HR-V. As well as the Nissan Ariya.
No specs or sized info yet.
But it shows VW is getting very serious with flooding the market with as many EV models as they can. As fast as they can.
First, we will see a “coupe” version of the ID4 (Called ID5 or ID”X”)
Then, hopefully, the production version of the super cool ID Buzz (although I have a bad feeling we’ll never see this one…)
They also plan a large wagon and a sedan. As well as cool small ones like ID Bug, ID Karman, and ID Thing.
Let’s hope…

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  1. The concept wasn't too exciting, but the production version is extremely boring even for the typical VW. This looks like an early 90's domestic wagon.

    And those wheels are way too small, makes the whole car look like a whale on roller blades.

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