2021 Nissan Armada: that “new” center stack…

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I posted a few pictures of the revised Nissan Armada for 2021 earlier. 
 But I hadn’t noticed how horrible that new central part of the dash actually looks. (pretty much the only new part inside)
Just look at this!
It looks like something out of the ’80s. (in a bad way)  The vents and the climate controls under it. I haven’t seen anything like it in decades! Like someone stuffed a cheap home stereo in there. 
And the screen bove is also not a touch screen. For some reason.
After all these years, this is all they could come up with…


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  1. Exactly what I thought, I had to zoom in good just to make sure that was a climate control system and not a "Craig," aftermarket radio. That fake wood trim is dreadful looking as well. At least if you forget what you're driving though,"Armada," is plainly spread across it. After seeing the very nice interior of the new Rogue, Nissan this is inexcusable for a flagship product.

  2. OMG! How did this ever get approved. Dealers will be apoplectic. How to destroy any brand equity you have.

  3. How do you know that's not a touchscreen? It may offer both touch and analog option. The interior is not beautiful but it's not ugly either to me.

  4. I think you're overreacting Vince, let's give Nissan some credit here.

    Maybe this is just a stop gap product as they work on a new model, so they didn't want to spend too much. Maybe the all new model is just around the corner, so maybe this is just supposed to last 6-8 years and then BANG!! there's your new one.

    Take it easy on Nissan guys, you know, just…….

    This message was brought you by good ole fashioned Canadian Sarcasm 🙂

  5. My god you love to complain. Guess you hate this part of the Rogue too, considering there are similar vents and identical climate controls.

  6. Ya, gotta disagree with you. I think the center stack looks amazing! At first glance it reminded me alot of the BMW 8 center stack

  7. Re: Unknown at 3:35 AM –

    They have confirmed it is only controlled by the knob near the shifter – it is not a touchscreen.

  8. Global model Patrol Center Stack is much Modern than the New US Model, not sure why Nissan USA is not giving that Center Stack.

  9. Agree. Climate controls look like an old aftermarket stereo install. Pop up panel below maybe is for your 8 track tapes?

  10. Anonymous at 11:13

    Just because you think it's so, doesn't make it true. NOTHING in their press release calls it a touchscreen, merely a "display screen"

  11. The new rogue you just praised has the same vents, yet for some reason you don’t like it here? Make it make sense

  12. Definitely an overreaction. They could have left it as is… But basically, they retrofitted their latest bits and buttons that debuted on the Rogue. People can rag on this interior all they want, but it is incredibly plush and almost completely wrapped in leather. They updated the most dated bits and I think it's fine. Also, the screen is probably up too high and far to be a touch screen.

  13. Where was this confirmed? The whole press conference was bragging about how it is voice controlled. To say the knob is the only way to control it is wrong. It is definitely a touchscreen

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