2021/22 Ford Edge: new interior…

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As mentioned a few weeks ago, the Ford Edge is getting yet another interior update for the Chinese market (the interior we are getting now is the previous Chinese update)
The new dashboard is very similar to the one from the new Ford Equator. The whole thing looks much more up to date than what we have here in the Explorer and Escape.
Simpler and more modern. Let’s hope something similar will end up in the US lineup. 
Although I really like the new Bronco Sport, I think its dashboard design is quite a busy mess (unlike the “regular Bronco”‘s much simpler design)
It could actually use something like this…


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  1. I don't understand why Ford is discontinuing the Edge. They sell a lot of them (at least in Houston), especially considering they haven't come out with an all new one in awhile.

  2. I used to think FCA was the closest we could get to British Leyland awfulness today, but Ford is trying really hard to steal the title. Apparently, the Bronco was just what they needed to trick dumb people, like dangling keys in front of a baby.

  3. Too bad Ford isn't giving the USA this infotainment update instead of the last gen Chinese one. This new update looks a lot better.

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