2022 Acura MDX: the production version is here…

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As expected, the production version of the 2022 Acura MDX SUV looks exactly like the ‘fake’ concept we just saw a few weeks ago.
Which is a good thing. The new MDX has simpler lines than the smaller RDX. And I think this design will look good for many years to come. 
The interior looks like an SUV version of the TLX. Which is another good thing. As the TLX’s interior looks and feels great in person.
The line up is similar to other new Acura models. With Base, Technology, Advance, and A-Spec versions available. All come with a 29-HP 3.5 Liter V6 and a 10-speed auto.
Next summer, a sportier Type-S model will be available. With the new 3.0 Turbo V6 from the TLX Type-S. With 355HP and 21-inch wheels.
While the current MDX starts at $44 500, the new one will start at $46 500.
The Technology package is an expensive $5000 option. And the loaded Advance model is at $60 650. Which includes AWD, a $2000 option on other versions. (A-Spec is at $57 100 and also includes AWD)
Prices are pretty much in line with the competition. But newcomers like the Kia Telluride offer a lot of stuff for less. So does the excellent Buick Enclave. 
No matter what, Acura now offers a very compelling lineup…


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  1. I'm surprised Acura is not offering a hybrid model on both TLX and MDX. And fuel economy isn't really great with these redesigns which limits total range. The TLX got worse and not really faster or much bigger inside.

    In meantime competitors are offering hybrid models and some offer PHEV. It may not be a big market, but it's growing and Honda/Acura used to offer bit more in the US. Seems for now it's mainly Honda Europe who will get most of the hybrid models.

  2. I completely agree. I think Honda could use a slightly more powerful version of the Accord Hybrid system and offer in in the TLX.
    They seem completely out of touch about marketing Hybrids, even though they do have great technology.

  3. It’s a great step forward. Think the engines aren’t powerful enough. The Acura emblem bothers me. I don’t know how much extra it could cost to have leather or a leather look alike with stitching on the airbag cover but this one looks cheap

  4. Vince, imo, the MDX is not a direct competitor to the Telluride, eventhough I am sure they occasionally get cross shopped. The Honda/Acura offering that competes with the Telluride is the Pilot predominantly. While the Telluride and platform mate Palisade (my wife's DD) are very luxurious at the top trim, they still can't compete favorably in the premium luxury segment. Especially when performance is concerned. The Genesis GV80 is a totally different story, however.

  5. It looks great. Now it is time to make the RDX more upscale and get rid of those hideous tail lights.

  6. I mentioned the Telluride because so many reviewers claim it almost competes with many more expensive brands. But I have not driven one myself (Or the Palisade)
    The new MDX doesn't have more power than these two so I would assume performance would be similar. But I have to say, from my experience with the new TLX, Acura's interior materials are excellent. So is the super solid feel of everything.

  7. If you covered up the grilles and nameplates on all of the competitors in this segment, could anyone identify them?

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