2022 Ford Maverick: here it is (almost)…

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While the 2022 Ford Maverick pick-up might not exactly look like a pick-up version of the new Bronco Sport, it will be pretty close.
Both models are based on the same platform (Also used for the Escape and Euro Focus)
The arch wheels are very similar. And I hope the front end is too. As that design looks great on the Bronco Sport.
I think this has the potential to be a huge hit for Ford. Especially if they use the hybrid and Plug-in hybrid options available in its Escape cousin.
It will mostly do battle with the upcoming Hyundai Santa Cruze in the US. And it will be a very interesting battle indeed.
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  1. Ford can't help but make a "real" pickup out of it. No lifestyle vehicle with limited capacities. I am curious as to what those 2 SUV shells are behind the Maverick.

  2. @FF: I think this looks bigger than it really is. The Bronco Sport looks big, but turns out it's quite a bit shorter and narrower than the Escape.

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