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These are the first pictures of the new Ford Mondeo replacement. Ford did patent the name “Mondeo Evos” a while ago.
The new model is supposed to be a raised wagon competing with the Subaru Outback. But from what we can see of the profile, this looks a lot like the Mustang Mach-e. More of a fastback style than a wagon type.
The interior looks like it is some crazy evolution of the new Chinese market Ford interior designs. 
The whole dash is not filled with screens, which I think, is a horrible idea. 
Another thing is the grille that seems all filled. pretty much like an EV. 
What do you think this is??
– The new Ford Evos “wagon”.
– Ford’s new “smaller than Mach-e” EV.
– A Mach-e based new model.
– The Chinese market version of the Mach-e.


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  1. YES, GO FORD!!! Now that's what I'm talking about, give the US market a reason to go nuts over your products!!!!

  2. Wow! There it is! I’m not a fan of this new grill design as shown here and on the new Focus. It’s not as clean of a design. It’s gaudy plastic for the sake of gaudy plastic.

  3. I noticed the door pulls are hidden in the body, so this is probably exclusive to China. Hopefully, the design will make it to a gas powered model elsewhere, primarily the US.

  4. With such a huge screen in the interior, this almost certainly is bound for the Chinese market (they seem to be getting the large screens one generation prior to the U.S.).

  5. I don't think this is a China-only version of the Mach e. It's hard to judge the exterior with these crummy photos, but the rear haunches are more narrow, the hood looks shorter and i don't think the blue oval would go through the hassle of engineering proper door handles and completely redesigning the interior. Probably it's the Outback rival that is going to "replace" the current Mondeo/Fusion. But the ugly grille points to this being a china exclusive facelift, just as they did with the Escape/Kuga.

  6. I’m not ure exactlyy why but this siite is loading extremely slw for me.
    Is anyone else havung this prkblem or is itt a issye oon my end?
    I’ll ceck back later annd see if the problem stil exists.

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