2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5: new photos…

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In these new photos, the upcoming 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV looks a bit more upscale than before. Maybe it is the shiny black plastic around the windows (The matte look of other prototypes did look cheap).
Or maybe it is just a higher-end model (With these fancy big wheels…)
Either way, I think it already looks really good. And, no matter how they decide to market it, very non-SUV-like. Which is great.
Not much is known about the new Ioniq 5 yet. We’ve known for a while it is based on Hyundai’s new EV platform. EV range is rumored to be around 300 miles or even more.
No word on pricing. But Hyundai’s Kona EV starts at around $38 000 with a 258 miles range. 
That puts the Ioniq 5 in a tough spot. As it doesn’t appear to be much larger than the Kona.
At the same time, it can’t really be priced much higher. Since the competition is getting quite fierce.
With VW’s ID4 starting at a bit under $40 000. And the upcoming Nissan Ariya shouldn’t be much more.
There is also a revised Chevrolet Bolt on its way.
I think this should basically replace the Kona Electric. And even starts a bit cheaper.
What do you think?

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  1. Trying to understand the idea of starting an EV only brand. I mean, in 20 years when EVs are the norm, what becomes of the "Hyundai" brand? Does every vehicle under the Hyundai brand just disappear and the Ioniq brand takes over?

  2. I'm just really quite excited to see this car. Especially the interior, as they are trying to give it a lounge vibe.

  3. Don't think it is a brand more of a range that is separate. Audi had E-tron as a range that are distinct models outside the normal A and Q

  4. The idea behind starting an EV brand is very simple and very important because of what Tesla has done. In the past saying you drove a BMW or Mercedes was a status symbol. In this day and age saying you Drive a Tesla is a status symbol whether it's a Model 3 or a Model S, it still resonates the same as eco-friendly luxury. Hyundai wants people to get excited about their EV brand the same way people are excited about Tesla, it's clearly identified as an EV and it is somewhat disconnected from "Hyundai". Most EV drivers want people to know they're driving an EV whether it's by brand identity or by visual identity. Do I think Hyundai has even the slightest chance of competing with Tesla on that front? No way. Do I think in terms of quality and craftsmanship the Ioniq vehicles will be far superior to a Tesla? Definitely! Tesla is the Apple of the automotive world.

  5. According to the interview from S. Y. LEE, the wheelbase of the Ioniq 5 is longer than that of the Genesis G90. This means the Ioniq 5 will have the longest wheelbase that Hyundai has ever employed in its cars.

  6. I think the wheels look amazing, can't wait to see this thing in production form, I put a Model 3 order on hold to compare against this. I have a lot more faith in Hyundai quality than I do in Tesla quality.

  7. "Red rear turn signals, UGH" this is a hilarious comment, what color are they supposed to be? What color would you prefer them to be? "I like the car but it has red rear turn signals, not buying it"

    What would you prefer? Some retro cheesey altezza style rear lamps? I would love clarification on this comment to quell my humorous curiosity.

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