2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee: looking good so far…

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It looks like Jeep will not be messing up the new 2022 Grand Cherokee.
These new spy shots show us more of the all-new SUV and it looks quite nice. The thin lights look great. And the overall shape seems to stay close to that “Grand Cherokee” look. 
This could be a great update. We should know much more in a few weeks.
Let’s hope that weird shape of the C-pillar is some camouflage trick though…

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  1. Article says that is the three-row version. Hopefully the two-row will have a more traditional Grand Cherokee C-pillar design. The naming convention might be weird, since there will be short and long-wheelbase Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneers, but there is already a Cherokee and a 2-row Grand Cherokee. The 3-row Grand Cherokee will be the? Grand Comanche or something like that from their history would be cool, but they will probably just call it XL or Unlimited or something lame.

  2. They're really taking their time with this. With so much testing, this better be as refined as a Cayenne or a X5 when production starts.

  3. C pillar or D pillar? Because there are photos that show the other side of this very vehicle that indicate a normal D pillar and flat belt line, very much like the current Grand Cherokee.

  4. I think so too! And from what we have already seen of the interior, it could be one of the best choices
    out there.

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