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Toyota will finally produce an all-electric car soon. By soon, I mean it is still at least a year or two away.
It will be part of a series of new electric models based on their new e-TNGA platform.
These illustrations above show a horrible looking thing. It looks like some weird distorted Rav-4 cousin.

This is what Toyota released last year when announcing the new platform. You can tell the car on the left is what the above illustrations are based on. (Although the Toyota image looks much better)

And this is a car Subaru announced last year also. Their “own” version of Toyota’s new EV. Which, as you can see, will look exactly the same as the Toyota version.
So this will be the same thing they are currently doing with the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ. Both brands selling the same car.
No matter what, let’s hope the final design doesn’t end up looking like these illustrations. 


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  1. That should have been the new Venza. It looks exactly like the natural evolution of the design path the Venza would have taken.

  2. If they would get rid if the back over the wheels or keep it one consistent color it would look a little better.

  3. It's time for Toyota to fire their design team en masse. Maybe they could lure Frank Stephenson.

  4. Damn, that is a mess if proven to be accurate. I've been considering buying a Toyota because of their reliability, but their styling has consistently been trash. I keep getting my hopes up they'll turn the corner in the design department. I need to stop setting myself up for disappointment. In my opinion, their last good designs were the FJ Cruiser (which I have no idea why they're not resurrecting with the resurgent interest in the Bronco) and the 2nd gen Prius (modern, clean lines that still stand the test of time… way better than the globular, incoherently-shaped remodels).

  5. I'm already bored with the next "new hotness" D pillar design as seen in these new Toyota EVs and the Hyundai Ioniq 5. They are just rehashing early 80's designs like the Dodge Omni and Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback: straight horizontal window line with a straight, forward canted D pillar.

    These car designers need to stop copying each other and find their own styles

  6. At least it doesn't have the black gaping maw at the front.

    Do black wheel opening really save that much money?

  7. I love Toyota but even VW is putting out nicer looking vehicles now. I am hoping Toyota loses the "weird" for their upcoming EV's.

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