Porsche Taycan Gran Turismo: next to the concept…

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As you can see, the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo concept from 2018 was a very accurate preview of the upcoming Taycan Sport Turismo. The concept was just a slightly raised up off-road looking version of the production car (Which could still happen later)
It looked fantastic, and so does the production car.
The Lycan is not a roomy car ( I got to sit in one) but stunning looking in real life.
Too bad it is such an expensive toy. (still over $100 000 in the US) The “wagon” version will turn it into a really practical car.


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  1. It's expensive, sure. But, boy, it's worth every single penny. The difference between Porsche and every other premium brand is that they actually deliver great engineering beyond the badge. Look at the Macan, for example. On paper, it's just a fancy Q5. And yet it drives better than any SUV has the right to. It drives better than many proper sports cars.

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