2021 Buick Envision: metamorphosis…

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I just found out that the new generation 2021 Buick Envision is actually currently for sale. Dealers already have them.

It is really too bad Buick didn’t make a bigger deal out of this. (no reviews yet?)

I test drove the “old one” a few years ago and was pretty impressed. It was a very comfortable, solid, and well-made camping companion to a wonderful road trip to Sequoia National Park. But it just looked OK…

The second-generation model looks great. Inside and out. No weird lines outside or busy weird bits inside (OK, maybe that door wood trim on the Avenir trim..) 

It is now only available with the 2.0 Liter Turbo with 228HP. And a 9-speed auto. And of course, AWD is an option.

The base model starts at $33 000. It comes with cloth and leatherette (vinyl) seats, 6 speakers, 18-inch wheels, and a bunch of safety features. Basically, it seems very similar to the base Acura RDX. For about $5000 less…

The Essence model is priced at $37 000. (The blue model in the photos above)It comes with a larger 10.2 screen, 7 speaker audio with a sub, leather, heated seats, etc.. .

The new Avenir top of the line version basically comes with everything. For $41 400. Not sure if the panoramic roof is still an option.

The new Envision does look really upscale. And much more modern inside and out than the previous version. It is actually about 4 inches shorter than the Acura RDX. But I think it has what it takes to compete. For quite a around $5000 less. At $33 000  the base model seems to be a really good deal.

Even the loaded Avenir is priced right. I really hope Buick properly advertises it. It really deserves a wider audience…

the only thing missing would be some kind of electrification as an option. Really, come on GM!


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  1. Love the new Envision except for the underpowered corporate 4-cyl. If it's anything like the one in the XT4 that I drove, it's also noisy.

  2. Nice cohesive design, very flowy and without weird origami creases. Will compete in a very crowded segment and needs a lot more marketing to stand out. Dashboard design seems very nicely done and quality, especially with how they've integrated the screen. Only issue I have is the "shifter" … yet another design for something that should be fairly standard across most cars… and WHY would you put all these electronic buttons right next to the cup holders increasing the risk of spillage all over the buttons???

  3. The real problem at GM is the equipment sheet. Offering adaptive cruise control only as an option and only on the Avenir trim, it is plainly stupid.

  4. Is this the one produced in Winnie the Pooh-land? No thanks, don't want to give any money to commies who harvest organs from political dissidents.

    Interesting that Vince chose to censor my comment. Is he another CCP shill? Another name added to the list, then.

  5. Great design and I think the Essence trim is the best value….only $3K above the base model and a lot more content. I did a quick search and most of the Buick dealers around Houston seem to mainly stock the little Encore….must carry the most profit.

  6. Buick is just a Chinese brand for Chinese customers. It’s disgusting that they couldn’t manage to build a decent vehicle for N.A. customers. But when there was an opportunity to jump on the China bandwagon, Buick suddenly figured out how to be a premium brand.

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