2022 Alfa Romeo Tonale: new illustration…

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This new illustration of the upcoming Alfa_Romeo Tonale looks pretty realistic. Obviously based on the 2019 Concept (bottom pic), it seems it could be really close to the production version.

Not sure why, but it seems the Tonale has been taking forever to reach production. As it is now scheduled for a late 2021 introduction. A few years ago, the new Giulia sedan was supposed to be Alfa’s savior. Which didn’t really happen. Then we were told the Stelvio was going to be the hit Alfa really needed. With less than 9500 sold in the US in 2019, that obviously didn’t happen either.

Now it seems all hopes are in the new Tonale. Which will be smaller and cheaper. Competing with the Audi Q3, Mercedes GLA etc… Sure. Why not. It does look really good. Since the almost 3-year-old concept still looks fresh. And most of its competition is quite boring.

Let’s hope they have a real brand savior in the Tonale. Otherwise, I am not sure where Alfa Romeo is going…


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  1. When you see that name "Tonale", doesn't it look like it would be pronounced 'toe nail'. Is it just me?

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