2022 Ford Evos: new photo…

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 It looks like this is the same prototype of the new 2022 Ford Evos we have already seen HERE.

It is too early to tell much. Even though we have seen earlier photos with less camouflage and even an interior shot (HERE). From what we have seen, it will have more of a fastback shape instead of a pure wagon like the Subaru Outback. I am sure Ford will do their best to compare it to the Mustang Mach e instead of the Honda Crosstour. 

Since it is based on the same platform as the European Focus and Escape, it should also be available as a hybrid and plug-in hybrid eventually. Which would give Ford a very nice option for those who don’t want a pure EV yet, like the Mach e.

At least, it won’t be “another SUV”…

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