2022 Honda Civic Hatchback: new photos…

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These are new photos of the redesigned 2022 Honda Civic hatchback. As we have seen before will be a vast improvement over the current car which is a visual nightmare…
It will have a fastback shape similar to the Audi A5, and a very wide hatch opening.
I think this will be much better looking than the super conservative stodgy sedan we have already seen as a concept.
I’ve mentioned this before, but I think a hybrid version of the hatchback would be a fantastic car. I was able to get over 55MPG with the Honda Insight last year. And I am sure using the Insight powertrain in the new Civic hatch would be a much more popular choice. (Less than 24 000 Insights were sold in 2019)

I am reposting these. This is what the new Civic hatchback actually looks like under the camouflage.

Clean and attractive…

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  1. Unfortunately, no. the coupe was discontinued last year and will not be replaced with the new generation. Maybe that's why they designed the hatchback to look more like a coupe?

  2. Analysing the test car under camouflage probably will be better than render in many details. In aniway a beautiful and clean design

  3. Hatchbacks looking like coupes? Maybe, put your glasses on? These Civic hatchbacks look more like the sedans with chopped off rear ends. In other words, they look stubby and awkward.

  4. Let's do a trade. I'll wear my glasses when you open a dictionary.

    Coupe | ko͞op | (also coupé | ko͞oˈpā | )
    A car with a fixed roof, two doors, and a sloping rear.

    mid 19th century (in coupe1 (sense 2)): from French carrosse coupé, literally ‘cut carriage’. coupe1 (sense 1) dates from the early 20th century.

  5. I opened my dictionary:




    plural noun: hatchbacks

    a car with a door across the full width at the back end that opens upward to provide easy access for loading.

    *coupes do not have a door across the full width at the back end that opens upward to provide easy access for loading*

    *coupes do not have short rear deck lids*

    *maybe you should put on glasses on AND open up a dictionary*

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