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2021 will be quite a year for Jeep. Since we will not only see the new Grand Cherokee and Wagoneer, but the Compass will also get a refresh.
With new front and rear ends. But especially a new interior. An interior that seems to look about 100 times better than the current one.
2022 will be the 6th model year for the current Compass. So a new interior and exterior plastic parts are the least they can do…


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  1. Very nice update, just what the Compass needed! I'm hoping the redesigned Cherokee gets an extreme overhaul this year as well.

  2. I actually like Jeep brand and they have a few very nice products with the the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee.
    -The Eight speed auto-tranny in the Wrangler gets lots of positive reviews, the interior seems very very nice, the pentastar V6 is solid and many similar remarks apply to the Grand Cherokee.
    -But when you get down to the lesser Jeep models ( Cherokee, the Jeep-Fiat Renegade, The Compass/Patriots) , Jeep suddenly gets cheap and too many issues such as a gear hunting 9 speed auto that seems to forever need software upgrades or some tweeking/whatever.
    – I like the looks of the current Compass but they creep up there in price with options and still have a low rent interior, goofy transmissions that gear hunt , or subpar four cylinder engines that are underpowered or not so fuel efficient.
    – ChryslerFiat should invest their profits into perfecting their product line and instilling consumer confidence .
    -You know…like a TOYOTA……got a 2004 Toyota Matrix that runs/drives/reliable/thrifty/cheap to run and scoots pretty good ….better then some new vehicles out there. 🙂

  3. wow that interior is amazing compared to the old one…. I guess the smaller jeeps are taking a step up now that they have stepped away from the Fiat base…

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