2022/23 Cadillac XT-5: first look?

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 Cadillac’s big news lately has been the announcement of the all-new Lyriq electric SUV. And recently, we have seen teasers for the n upcoming Celestiq sedan. Another EV.

But for years, Cadillac’s best-selling model has been the XT-5. With over 49 000 of them sold in 2019. Which is still fine, but almost 20 000 less than 2 years earlier. So basically, a good seller in need of a new generation, sooner than later. (The Lexus RX still sells over twice as many units every year…)

The current one came out in 2016. And with sales dropping, a new generation will be welcome. Which should happen next year. There is a rumor that GM will not be spending tons of cash on new ICE platforms anymore. This means the next XT-5 could use an updated version of the current model. Another possibility is using a slightly longer version of the XT-4 platform. (Shared with the new 2021 Buick Envision)

This could actually be the last gas-powered XT-5. Since GM seems to be spending everything on EVs. By 2028, when this new XT-5 turns 6, most Cadillac models will be electric.

I was told by Cadillac designers, that the fantastic screen setup from the new Escalade would trickle down to the rest of their models. The new XT-5 could be the first “non-Escalade” to get it. (Unless Cadillac revises the interior of the CT-5 earlier). It would be a huge improvement over the current interior design. Which looked quite plain and already old when it came out in 2016.

The competition is not resting either. I bet the next Lexus RX will be pretty impressive as well. With an even better hybrid setup (maybe even standard). And probably a plug-in version added. GM really needs to offer some kind of a plug-in hybrid system on the next XT-5. Something else besides the good old “2.0 Liter with a V6 option”…

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  1. Lol so the vehicle is mostly clear and the Cadillac logo in the corner is super grainy. That seems legit…

  2. Foolish not to spend on ICE platforms. The last man standing will make some money. Not a ton of money like in the old days, but a lot of money. But that takes guts.

  3. As EVs market share grows, less gas will be consumed. Therefore, less gas will be produced. Which will end up making it more and more expensive. This, in itself, will also accelerate the shift to EVs.

    I think in about 10 years, it will be quite expensive to own and run a "regular" car. And becoming more so every year…

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