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 The current X2 is due for a mid-cycle facelift soon. So an all-new generation is not around the corner.

This illustration shows what it could look like. And it’s not good news. It would seem BMW’s new design direction would follow the new iX. Which would be disastrous. But possible. As many illustrations of the next 7 series sedan seem to show this weird front end combo as well.

Good luck…

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  1. I find these renders useless. Especially of a car that hasn't even been facelifted in the current generation. Who knows if BMWs will still have this gaudy grille until there? They might go back on this after all the negative feedback.

  2. I don't mind the front end on the 7 series, it's actually nicer than the current generation that has the "belt buckle" grille. My observation on the direction of BMW design is that they're heading towards Hyundai's latest designs, especially the rear ends. Generic tail lights, loss of the Hoffmeister kink, weird surface designs, etc. Take the names/logos off both cars and it's hard for a non-person to tell you which is BMW and which is Hyundai. This render with the driving/turn signal lights well above the headlights looks similar to the Hyundai designs and the Chevy Blazer

  3. Yuck ugly Grille and ugly Nose coping badly after old Generation Audi a6 c6 Limousine third generation

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