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It looks like the Chinese built Tesla model Y is getting a few new things not available in the US yet.
Inside, the door panels have been revised to incorporate some wood trim. I am usually not a fan of wood trim in general. But the Model Y (Like all Teslas) really needs something to warm up their interior design. I think the wood and metal trim added to the doors look great. And help the whole interior look a bit more upscale. (This is after all, still an expensive car)

As of today, this is what the US configurator still shows for the Model Y interior. No changes.
The changes you see above in the Chinese version are supposed to appear very soon in the US-built cars.
So if you’re in the market for a Tesla Model Y, I would wait a few weeks. 
Unless you hate that wood trim…


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  1. Thanks! I didn't know. But now that I look at them, they do look like the ones under the aero wheels of the Model 3 as well. Except not black.
    I think they do look much better that way.

  2. I've seen a review, here, and the journalist recommanded to add a clear vinyl film on EVERY exterior panel, as it's so poorly assembled and painted that they don't wanna see what it could look like with all the salt they put on the road during winter around here… So at that price, I would prefer to make my money in a real car company EV model than on real life not-really-finished protoypes.

  3. Love the model Y… except….
    They gotta fix that terrible rear hatch/bumper design that causes even very light bumps to destroy the hatch.

  4. The door panel definitely needs something more, just wonder if metal is also available as an alternative to the wood. I am also not a huge wood trim fan. With the possible exception of the way that Acura and Mazda handle it in their models. The new TLX and MDX is especially tasteful.

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