2022 Cadillac CT-4 V Blackwing: official pix…

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Of course, there is also a Blacking version of the CT-4 V. With 472HP from a 3.6 Liter Turbo. And of course, a 6-speed manual standard.
Again, I wish Cadillac had found it in their heart to redesign the interior. The CT-4 interior is just OK for the base model. But not for a $60 000 car (Base price for the V Blackwing)
It looks like they did what they could, with cool colored leather. Satin chrome trim everywhere. Carbon fiber finish etc… But it does need a new dashboard similar to the one in the Escalade also.
Since this is a 2022 model, I guess no interior changes are expected for the CT-4 and CT-5 for a while.
Which is really too bad…
Still, offering 2 high end super sporty sedans with a 6-speed manual standard is really gutsy in 2021. Cadillac and GM deserve a lot of credit for this.


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  1. This may be fast, but it's a mess design wise front, rear and interior. It's way over styled and almost vulgar.

  2. Oh Boy! Car-bun Feye-bur! The little boy racers will love it but will never be able to afford it.

  3. I am not sure who would choose this when there are much better looking alternatives. Time for GM to throw in the towel with Cadillac. Aside from the Escalade, It's become redundant

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