2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV: its here…

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Finally. We get to see the “larger than Bolt Bolt”. The one with a stupid name (EUV)
Compared to the “regular” Bolt, it has 3 inches of additional rear legroom. Since the Bolt’s rear seat is already quite roomy, this one must be great.
It is about 6 inches longer than the Bolt, and has a slightly smaller EV range, rated at 250 miles.
SuperCruise in an option ( I guess this is the first non-Cadillac GM car to get it). And so is a panoramic sunroof. (Still not available on the regular Bolt)
Best of all, it starts at $34 000 before incentives. A loaded “First edition” model will be available for $43 500. With the sunroof, Super Cruise, unique wheels and other stuff.
This loaded model could actually costs under $33 000 after incentives. Quite a deal.
While longer than the Bolt, the Bolt EUV still seems a bit shorter than the (more expensive) competition. As it is about 10 inches shorter than the VW ID4 and Nissan Ariya.
But it is way less expensive than both.
I think this is really good. A great more from GM. And, for once, smart and aggressive pricing!
Now about that name. Why??? Why not “Bolt X”. Or “Bolt L”. Or another name altogether?
EUV? Why GM, why???


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  1. The Nissan Ariya coming later this year with a projected base price of $40,000 will give this "new" Bolt a run for its money.

  2. I like it but don't get why it looks almost identical to the regular Bolt while the body panels are all different. Why go through this expense?
    Different front end and fenders (look at the cut line for the power) even the steering wheel is different with the bottom spokes being wider. Unless it's a different car, could this be based on a different chassis that the Bolt?

    and finally, GM is pricing cars correctly.. this should be a winner for them!

  3. Electric Utility Vehicle? I guess they want people to believe this is an "SUV kind of vehicle" because this is all people are buying these days.

  4. Looks very frugally still! Is it now aimed at the multi-billionaires class?, as a status symbol vehicle.

    Top 1/4%: “Look at me, I driving around in a Bolt!”

  5. Leave it to GM to make the EUV's cargo space smaller than the regular BOLT. It's like GM wants to fail.

  6. You can sleep in this thing if you can get over the fact you have a 70kw electro-chemical bomb under you.

  7. Mary Barra, is this the best you can do with all the time you had to develop? You should have a model that will compete directly against Tesla in size, range and sexiness. This is nothing but warmed up day old pizza.

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