2022 Chevrolet Bolt: this is it…

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We finally get to see the revised Chevrolet Bolt for 2022. As it was delayed a few months due to the pandemic.

And I do like the update. But I am a fan of the Bolt anyway. After driving it twice. The interior seems much nicer and more upscale. (Although the seat pattern reminds me of the Buick Cascada from a few years ago. Weird…)

Specs aren’t very different. It is rated at 259 miles range. And is apparently charging faster now. (100 miles in 30 minutes). And now Chevy says they will “cover standard installation of Level 2 charging capacity for eligible customers”. 

The best part is the price. Then Bolt now starts at $32 000. And that’s before incentives! This could actually be a $22 000 Electric car with a 259 miles range.

Which is pretty amazing….


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  1. The incentives are not a rebate, just a tax saving for those making above $100K.

    It doesn't have AWD, not interested.

  2. this would make a great city car. Would love to see the safety rating and reviews vs its competition.

    AWD would be a huge plus for states that get lots of snowfall.. how difficult would it be to have a 2nd electric motor powering the rear wheels?

  3. But are the front seats any more comfortable? That was a deal breaker for me with the current version. Those seats were horribly uncomfortable!

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