2022 Kia K8: a look inside…

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Here are a few new pictures of the 2022 Kia K8 interior. 
And just like the exterior looks both impressive and weird, the interior gives me the same feeling.
I am sure it will be quite impressive in real life. But it’s also pretty weird and busy. 
There is a lot going on on that center console…
The super widescreen enclosure is quite nice and simple. (although not unique)
But the sheer amount of wood rim anywhere could end up being quite tacky. As it usually is. Almost reminiscent of “American Luxury” from the 1970s…
At least they are trying. And it’s not yet another SUV…


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  1. Bruh. How is this busy? You drive a Tesla? Interior kinda reminds me of the new Escalade, I'd settle for simpler stitching though

  2. the interior does have that 70s large American vibe to it… make it a front bench seat or 3 abreast and we have a winnder.. it looks like it has plenty of room for 3, lose the useless console and move the "shifter" to the dash… that would be something

  3. Hey, just remember all cars are designed 4-6 years before they come out and final design is usually completed 2-3 years before release. Coincidences lol.

    2021 Escalade was finalized in 2017, while K8 was in 2018 and ditto for Lexus NX.

  4. There are two details that I definitely don't dig: the new logo on the steering wheel, and the sheer amount of plastic wood (and it looks fake even on a grainy spyshot, so probably a lot more in real life (Then, around the area you're constantly touching, is the only shiny plastic as finger print magnet)

    The rest, well isolated the details look good, I like how there are still some physical buttons around the controller, or how the rotary dials integrate with the HVASc scree, and that the door panels seem to pick up the theme f the dash (often, that's a detail that seems designed by 2 different people), but generally, there is a bit "too much design" going on altogether, and probably too much quilt on the leather.

  5. I thought the screen was a single custom panel (like the Escalade) at first, but the closer I look its just a curved bezel with 2 wide screens, similar to current Mercedes E/A class.

    It still surprises me that GM was the one to come to market with a custom shaped OLED, before tech-forward Korean brands, but I'll take it.

  6. I like the new Kia logo, but not on the steering wheel. Too big and distracting; I know if you owned the car it would become invisible after a while, but the initial impression is gaudy.

  7. "Looks like the perfect car for a drive with the in laws to my house in the Hamptons!"

    The only Kias in the Hamptons are in Noyak or the Springs. They are't allowed anywhere else.

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