2022 Lexus NX: new illustration…

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 For some reason, I always think the current RX is older than the NX. But it’s not. The NX came out in late 2014, while the larger RX did about a year later.

Which means the NX is indeed due for a new generation. The illustration above is an idea of what it could look like. And I hope it is 100% wrong.

Just like Honda, it seems Toyota is moving towards simpler, cleaner designs. Like the new Venza. Something like the monster above would be a huge step back from the Venza. This is what 12-year-olds on drugs think an SUV looks like. 

And it looks way too much like the current generation.

So, let’s just all forget we even saw this…

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  1. Whaaaaaaaaaa? …you maybe dislike the huge cow catcher train grill?
    – You will regret not having one when you are driving down a Los angeles freeway and suddenly a herd of cows appear looking for grass to munch on.

  2. Also "Toyota is moving to simpler, cleaner designs." Huh? The Venza seems to be an exception to that, compared to the facelifted IS, the new Sienna, Highlander, etc.

  3. Don't worry, this is not at all what it will look like. It will more closely resemble the current-gen Mazda CX-5 overall, but certainly with a more Lexus-like design. And yes, it's a cleaner, less angular look overall, but still striking.

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