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The wagon body style often turns out to be a bit more interesting than the sedan it comes from. Well, that’s not really the case with the new 2022 Mercedes C-Class.
While the sedan displays the most uninspired design I have seen in years, the wagon is not far behind. Revealing a very strong “king of blah” personality.
I think it’s actually worse than the current design. 
The interior is of course similar to the sedan. So you get the same overdone, borderline weird amalgam of shapes and textures. With tons of plastic chrome everywhere.
Although I have to admit, Mercedes interiors always look much nicer and more impressive in real life.
For some reason. At least to me (Which is what counts)
Unless Mercedes finds a way to jack it up and add black fake off-road plastic trim around the wheels, we won’t be seeing it over here…


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  1. you're a bit exaggerating. what I would say about the wagon is that it looks like the previous one with slightly redesigned tail lights, that's all.

  2. As much as i hate to agree with Vince, he's not wrong this time. The exterior is very uninspired. In a way that i'm worried that the designer might have crippling depression. The interior is OK, but that "piano black" plastic is dated and cheap. That looks bad even in a Kia (another brand strangely obsessed with these crappy plastics), let alone in a Mercedes.

  3. Needz moar bigger air vents on the dashboard! I'll criticize Tesla all day long. But they have changed my mind in a bunch of areas. After spending time in a model 3, the prominence of air vents in some cars really becomes apparent. They aren't a good look.

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