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This is another one that seems to have been camouflaged forever: the all-new Nissan Rogue Sport (or Qashqai everywhere else in the world)
This will be competing directly with the new Honda HR-V we just saw.
I think it looks pretty nice. Even on these super bad early grainy pix.
From what we can see, the interior seems to look quite a bit like the Rogue. Which is a good thing. Since the current Rogue is vastly improved over the last one. So this little guy could end up feeling quite upscale for its class.
And no, I’m not complaining about the tablet that much in this one. Sure, it’s still not great. But much better integrated than in the new HR-V. While the one in the Honda seems like a cheap after market untit, the one in the Rogue actually seems like it belongs there. They at least made an effort. 
And you can’t really complain when they make an effort…

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  1. Wow! This looks excellent and much more refined! If only they offered more power in the SR trim. Do you know if the next Outlander Sport will be based on this?

  2. Much more attractive than the frumpy HRV, that's for sure. If it wasn't for the obligatory CVT, I might even consider this one.

  3. I love the way they did the front end on this as compared to the Rogue. I strongly dislike the split headlight look of the new Rogue (and other vehicles that use a similar look). The headlights here look much more cohesive and sporty. I hope when Nissan does a mid cycle on the Rogue, they fix the headlights to look more like this.

  4. This looks great. A modern, cohesive design with upscale amenities. I do hope Nissan offers the pano roof option in US/Canada with this new generation. This will be a great replacement for my wife's car, but sadly once you've had a pano roof it's hard to go back to the small ones.

  5. looks great! I bet nissan will offer a bit better horsepower/engine upgrade option.
    – But still being cautious enough to avoid matching the newest Rogue with it's 181 HP / 2.5L engine. I will guess it will get a modest power increase to about 155/165 hp.

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